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  • My Fitness Journey
  • Started 2014
  • Days/week 5-6
  • Hours/day 1-2
  • Program 1

The Big Shock

My passion to feel healthier

This time we got a scale from the local pharmacy. Surely the pharmacy will sell quality scales that are calibrated correctly. Well, three scales later I was not in the denial phase anymore. I realized that I had been eating like I was still breastfeeding and now I was basically back to the weight I was when I was pregnant with my youngest. I realized at that moment that I will need to start looking at my health and how I wanted to feel.

My Favorite Brands

My Fitness Journey

My Mission to become Fit

At the beginning of 2018, we met Fitness Expert Harry Jonhson and joined the Harry Johnson Fitness Team.  Within only 2 months of training according to the Johnson Triple Loop System, we saw major improvements in our overall health as well as our physical appearance, and we no longer have to worry about dieting.

Meet My Fitness Friends